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Curtains Toronto

Thousands of Modern & Traditional Curtain Styles - Over 160,000 Curtain Fabrics!

swags curtains Toronto Why Buy Curtains From Us?

  • Huge selection of modern & traditional curtain styles
  • Highly knowledgeable & experienced curtain designers
  • Over 160,000 curtain fabrics to match your taste
  • Large curtain showroom with many curtains to see
  • Large selection of curtain rods and hardware
  • Free In-Store curtain consultation
  • 100% Deductible Shop at Home Curtains Toronto Service. Our designers will come to your home in Toronto with curtain fabric samples, and help you select the perfect fabric for your curtains.

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Over 160,000 Modern, Traditional and Elegant Curtain Fabrics

Although there are many curtain stores in Toronto, Prestige Decor’s main competitive advantage is our fabric. Not only do we have the largest selection of curtain fabrics in Toronto, we also have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable curtain fabric experts in Canada. We guarantee that you will find the perfect fabric colour, texture and pattern for your curtains in Toronto.

fabric for curtains in TorontoTo view more of our drapery curtain fabric click curtain fabric Toronto.

Prestige Decor TeamShop At Home Curtains in Toronto

Our Shop At Home Service in Toronto is perfect for anyone who lives in Toronto and would like one of our curtain designers to come to their home anywhere in Toronto and suggest the perfect curtains for their current home’s interior, including upholstery, wall colours, window sizes, wallpaper and frame types. Our curtain experts will bring hundreds of curtain fabric samples for you to choose from and will tell you exactly what will work for your curtains in Toronto.
Our Shop At Home Service Is 100% Deductible.

Popular Curtain Styles

Prestige Decor is able to make your curtains any way you can imagine. All our curtains are custom made and as a result you are getting top quality custom curtains, available in all curtain styles, and our experienced and friendly curtain consultants will help you choose the best curtain style(s) for your home in Toronto. Below is a list of some of the most popular curtain styles.

Pinch Pleat Curtains Toronto
Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch Pleat Curtains
Pinch Pleat Curtains with buttons

Dutches Curtains Toronto
Dutches Curtains

Tab Back Curtains Toronto
Tab Back Curtains

Tack Top Drapery Toronto
Tack Top Curtains

Goblet Curtains Toronto
Goblet Curtains

Tap Back Curtains
Ripplefold Curtains on Deco Rod

Goblet Curtains
Goblet Cord Curtains

Inverted Pleat Curtains Toronto
Inverted Pleat Curtains

Grommet Curtains Toronto
Grommet Curtains

Ripplefold Curtains Toronto
Ripplefold Curtains on KS Track

Sheered Curtains Toronto
Sheered Curtains

Frequently Asked Questions about Curtains in Toronto

Below you will find some questions and answers that we frequently get asked. If you have any questions you can always call us at 905-566-5063 or email us.

Q. Where to buy curtains in Toronto?
A. There are several fabric stores in Toronto where you can buy curtains, but no curtain store in Toronto will offer you the quality of service, variety of curtain fabrics, styles and the complete one-shop-stop experience like we will at Prestige Decor. Even though our fabric store is located in Mississauga, we consider ourselves a part of Toronto since 90% of our customers come from Toronto and we are only 20 minutes away from downtown Toronto. If you are looking for a fabric store in Toronto that will enable you to customize original window treatments with stunning and unique fabric then you must come and visit our showroom.

Q. Do you offer shop at home services for curtains in Toronto?
A. Yes we offer shop-at-home services for custom curtains in Toronto. One of our interior decorators can come to your home or business in Toronto and help you choose the perfect curtains for your individual situation. Our interior decorator will come with various fabric samples and curtain hardware and will help you choose the best curtains for your home in Toronto. We have the knowledge and experience to make the best curtains in Toronto.

Q. Do you have a retail location in Toronto where I can buy custom curtains?
A. We do not have a retail location in Toronto. However, our store is located in Mississauga, which is only about a 20 minute drive from Downtown Toronto (Spadina Ave. and Gardiner Expy). The majority of our clients are from Toronto, and regularly buy curtains from us for their condos and houses in Toronto. Also when you choose us to install your curtains in Toronto, we will deliver your curtains to your home free of charge, so you have no need to come back to our store in Mississauga to pick up your curtains.

Q. Can I order custom curtains from your store, and then get them delivered to my home or business in Toronto?
A. Yes! As soon as your curtains are complete, we can ship your custom curtains to your location in Toronto at a very low price, or if you will be using our curtain installation services, curtain delivery is included in the curtain installation price.

Q. Do you have experience installing custom curtains in Toronto?
A. We have designed thousands of custom curtains for businesses houses, and condos in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, and we regularly install custom curtains and window treatments in Toronto.

Q. What is the difference between Prestige Decor and other curtain stores in Toronto?
A. Prestige decor has the most passionate, friendly, creative and experienced decorators in Toronto and surrounding areas. Our goal is to set a new standard in the window treatments industry by offering the largest selection of quality designer fabrics, at competitive prices with customer service that cannot be found anywhere else. Our interior design consultants will offer you free, no obligation advice that will help you with any dilemmas, questions or problems you may have relating to window treatments. Come to our store and we guarantee you will not get this type of service and one-stop-shop experience anywhere else in Toronto.

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