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Drapery Tracks Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville
Prestige Decor carries durable, high quality I-beam drapery tracks, Fine Line aluminum tracks, CCS drapery tracks, KS curtain tracks, TCS curtain tracks, Traverse tracks and other drapery tracks which are ideal for sheers as well as drapery panel applications. I-beam, Fine Line, CCS, KS, TCS & Traverse tracks are bendable so they are ideal for bay window applications or curved window application, but are also ideal for regular window applications. The I-Beam, Fine Line, KS, CCS, TCS & Traverse tracks are seamless and elegant making them extremely popular for drapery applications in condominiums, hotels and anywhere else imaginable. Our design consultants can advise which treatment is best for you, whether it is the I-beam, CCS, KS, TCS, Traverse or another specialty drapery track.
For more information on our drapery tracks click - CUSTOM DRAPERY TRACKS

Below are a few examples of draperies with I-Beam, Fine Line, KS & Traverse tracks.

Drapery Hardware Installation

drapery hardware installation TorontoPrestige Decor has very skilled and experienced window drapery hardware installers, who are able to do flawless drapery hardware & curtain rod installations on all types of residential and commercial windows. Our drapery installers are experienced in decorative curtain rod installations, I-beam track installations, KS Track installations, CCS and TCS track installations as well as Traverse rod installations and any other drapery installations. Call 905-566-5063 and ask us about our drapery installation services.

Professional Check Measurewindow measurement

In order for us to give you an accurate estimate for drapery hardware, installation and/or fabric, we recommend that you book one of our professionals to do a check measure for your windows. A check measure is when a professional installer measures each window; this will ensure that your custom window treatments are accurately made to fit your windows. The fee for check measurements is 100% deductible when you purchase over $1000 at Prestige Decor within 2 weeks of the check measure. Although, we recommend having a check measure, you can (at your own risk) measure the windows yourself. For instructions on how to do a check measure visit: : window measurement instructions.

Iron Hardware, Wood Hardware, Crystal Hardware

Prestige Decor has a HUGE selection of drapery hardware including iron, wood, acrylic and crystal finials, curtain rods, brackets, rings, holdbacks, tiebacks, elbows, and more. We have carefully selected Canada's best drapery hardware wholesalers and manufacturers to offer you only the best in drapery hardawre. We guarantee you will love our curtain hardware collections!

On our website you can also view a large selection of our unique and decorative custom drapery styles. Come to our store to see all our hardware collections, draperies, fabrics and much much more.


Clear Curtain Rods & Hardware

Prestige Decor carries beautiful, and hard to find clear curtain rods (also known as acrylic curtain rods, lucite curtain rods, resin curtain rods, see through curtain rods, and ghost curtain rods). We are one of the only curtain rod retailers in Canada offering these exclusive clear curtain rods and matching finials, brackets, etc. Come to our retail store in Mississauga so see our clear drapery hardware. Please Click CLEAR DRAPERY HARDWARE to see more.

clear curtain rods
acrylic curtain rods

Exclusive Swarovski Crystal Drapery Hardware

Prestige Decor is Canada’s exclusive retailer of the hand-crafted Swarovski Crystal window covering jewelry. This means that we are the only retailer in Canada where you can purchase these beautiful pieces. Enjoy these collector items as part of your drapery, window, wall, and ceiling décor or as jewel focal points on a padded headboard, woven into a curtain wall hanging, adoring lamps, and even as artistic accents on furniture.
To view our unique and truly extraordinary Crystal Finials, Medallions, Scrolls, Branches, Jewelry and Wall Scrolls click CRYSTAL DRAPERY HARDWARE to see some pictures, or visit our store to see and feel the entire collection.

Swarovski crystal finials oakville
swarovski crystal holdbacks mississauga
crystal holdbacks toronto
crystal holdbacks and finials
crystal holdbacks blue

View our Crystal Hardware

Extendable Curtain Rods & Hardware

extendable curtain rods BramptonWe have a great selection of extendable curtain rods. These extendable rods are sold in a package along with a pair of finials, 3 brackets, required installation hardware and instructions. You can purchase additional brackets, as well as matching holdbacks and rings.
View our Extendable Curtain Rods


Drapery Hardware Questions & Answers

What is the difference between decorative rod and track?

When you don’t have enough space between the top of the window frame and ceiling to put brackets for a decorative rod, you would use tracks (this is the case in many condominiums). If you want to add an extra touch to your drapes and you have enough space in your home/office, you should use a decorative rod. Decorative rods and tracks can also be used in combination. For example if you would like to have sheers and drapery panels, the ideal solution for you may be a track for the sheers in the back and a decorative rod for your drapery panels in the front. Click here to see a photo of window treatments combining a decorative rod with a track. Click here to see a photo of a track application. Click here to see a photo of window treatments using only a decorative rod.

How important is the diameter of the rod?
We recommend bigger diameter rods for higher ceilings because drapes are heavier and a thicker rod will create the proper balance. Having a really thin rod on a high ceiling will make it hard to see and it will not look ideal. Our designers will gladly recommend to you the ideal rod diameter for your individual situation.

What are the available sizes for metal and wood rods?
Standard sizes are 4, 6, 8 and 10 feet for decorative rods but they can be cut to perfectly fit your windows. Two or more rods can also be connected using a rod connector making multiple rods look and function like a single rod. This is the recommended application for really wide windows.

How do you cut a decorative rod?
Metal rods are hollow and can be cut with pipe cutter or simple jigsaw. Wood rods are solid wood and can also be cut using a wood saw or a jigsaw. After cutting wood rods our installers drill a hole in the center of each end so that finials can be screwed in.

What if I want to use a decorative rod but I don’t have space for finials?
You can use special wall brackets if your rod is between two walls or you can use end caps instead of finials. Ask one of our designers and we will gladly show you your options. You can see an example here.

My windows are larger/smaller than average, do you have drapery hardware that I can hang my drapes on?
No matter the size of your windows, our designers will help you choose the perfect drapery hardware that will cover any window(s). We carry a large variety of decorative drapery hardware, as well as Ibeam rods, KS tracks, CCS tracks, traverse rods and more. Our window treatment specialists are here to help you make the right choice for your home or business.

How Many Different Drapery style options do you offer?
We offer all possible drapery styles you can think of. Some of the more popular drapery styles we design include: Pinch Pleat Drapes, Pinch Pleat Drapes with buttons, Tack Top Drapes, Inverted Pleat Drapes, Grommet Drapes, Goblet Drapes, Goblet Drapes with Cord, Ripplefold Drapes, Ripplefold Drapes on KS Track, Sheered Drapes, Tab Back Drapes, and Dutches Drapes. To see pictures of each drapery style mentioned above please click here - Drapery Styles

Do you offer drapery installtion services?
Yes we do offer drapery installations throughout the greater Toronto Area. We have a team of experienced drapery installers who can handle any drapery installation. They will come to your location and professionally install your draperies.

How long does drapery installation take?
Our drapery installers are available 6 days per week and are flexible with their dates and times. You can usually book our drapery installers within a week, and they finish most drapery installations in 1 visit, but this depends on the number of windows and the complexity of the installation.

Do the drapery installers bring the draperies and the hardware or do I have to come to Prestige Decor to pick them up?
It is completely up to you, but our drapery installers will be more than happy to bring your draperies and hardware to your home or business at the time of the installation.


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